Friday, August 15, 2014

A quick "Fuck these people right here" list.

Or lord, I bring back the blog and suddenly a week of why I put it on hiatus suddenly happens. It's been a shitstorm in the comments sections since the protesting in Ferguson, Mo., and of course the racists gonna racist. You get one day of some mild rioting and a few (alleged) molotov cocktails and suddenly every frightened white person twenty miles away shits themselves like the Huns are coming.

Fake pictures of Michael Brown  (Because racist white people can't tell back people apart), rumors of Brown's mile long rap sheet (non-existent), videos of angry black people talking into cell phone cameras calling for more riots (People who don't live here and videos that are for the most part ignored by anyone in the actual protests) are being heavily circulated by shitty people.

Pictured: Not Michael Brown at all.

I love it when a comment stacks itself so perfectly. Black people aren't still angry about slavery (Well, the sane people aren't). However, using Obamaphones (started under Bush) welfare recipients and free health care as insults to an entire group of people sure gives me a reason to hate whitey.

LOL, this cat is reminding you to pet it!

Yeah, this is pretty much the same thing as a white cop gunning down an unarmed black teen in the streets, and then leaving the body out for a few hours. Did you guys also protest it, or was it the normal response of shaking your head, offering a prayer on Sunday if you remember to go to church and then move on with your lives.

Robert, shut the fuck up. Your "we" I'm sure means "We white people" and I have no time for that bullshit in my Army.

Guys, bacon tastes great no matter what stage it's in!

Yep, that's the number one priority here, the looting of a couple stores and a burned up QuikTrip. Not the systemic violence, the tear gas, the fear and anger of a community at the people sworn to protect and serve them. All we need to worry about is Shoe Carnival and the hair extensions place!

Tammy, there's a thing called insurance that helps out during times like this. Also, a lot of employers aren't as cold and heartless as you seem to be since materials are more important to you than a human life.


Just...come on! Get over here!

Guyz! No one said nigger, so it CAN'T be racist! It's just a comments section filled with words like apes, cockroaches, welfare and people who claim racism is over even though they probably cross the street to avoid black people walking towards them. They also have a black friend who is totally cool and talks, acts and does things just like me! It's just the black culture that's a problem, which my black friend isn't a part of because really I just see him as a dark skinned white person. 

It's shitty to call any human being an animal. It's called dehumanization, and it makes you disassociate yourself with your fellow people as if you're any better. 

Ever see animals in the wild? They're boring as all hell. Just sleeping, eating and shitting. Sounds like most of the people who comment on news facebook feeds. Boring, soulless people with nothing worthwhile in their lives beyond continuing the human race and raising equally boring children.

Fucking animals

There's one in every group

Protests were held all over the country last night in support of Michael Brown and against the militarization of police forces. It was great to see people in every city of every race come together for a small suburb in St. Louis, Mo.

Of course, some jerkoff has to go and ruin it. I'm confused by these people who are more concerned by one night of some riots than encroaching police brutality across the country and peaceful protesters being gassed and shot. If it happens here, it could happen anywhere

OH WAIT, it's probably because it's black people. I've been calling for the Constitutional defenders

Guess what, assholes? The rioting worked. One moment of a cop shooting a person turns into snipers and cops kitted out better than I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Yeah, Africans sold other Africans into slavery just like things were back in the day of conquer, rape and enslave. I'm surprised Paul didn't throw in "THE IRISH WAZ SLAVES TOO!" argument.

I didn't really see anyone crying about slavery. If anyone was, it was latched onto like a man drowning in an ocean holding onto water wings and denying they're in the middle of an ocean.

Also, EVERYONE owned a European or two back in the days of the Barbary slave trade. The reason it's so fucking egregious in the US of A is because we fought the Revolutionary War to end the crown's hold over us. We drafted the Declaration of Independence and said "All men are created equal"

Then we had to wait 90 years to fight another war to make black men more equal. Then we had to have marches on Selma and Washington DC after another 80-90 years so black people could have the privilege to piss in the same urinal as black people.

But I guess since slavery is over and the president is black, we stopped racism! Yep, no one online refers to the elected president of the most powerful nation in the world as a house nigger. Because racism is defeated and everyone is treated super equal.

This dude is from St. Charles, so nothing more needs to be said. White people far away from any danger are the loudest people you can feel free to ignore


Why are people protesting at night? Don't they have jobs to get to? This makes no sense to me!

Maybe they are protesting at night because they have to work in the morning? Also, the Ferguson-Florissant school district is closed for the week because of the protests, so no, the kids don't have school. Lots of comments seem to think no one has a day off during the week, or works an early or late shift. 

There was also a super racist picture of Kermit the Frog drinking tea and claiming "none of the shoes stolen from Shoe Carnival were work boots, But that's none of my business."

And yeah, I fucking saw you post it on my facebook feed. You've already been filtered you cock. How dare you use Kermit to push your racist fucking nonsense.

Amen Candace.

The officer involved in the shooting will be named today, and it just doesn't matter anymore. Racists gonna racist no matter what. What's important is what the rest of us do. What matters is how WE move forward and leave these people behind. 


  1. how does it having been on the wrong side of history? Are you gonna be a bitch and complain about how this comment hurts your ever so delicate and coddled feelings?